Thursday, July 28, 2005

a good day

oh damn, my eyes are struggling to stay focused...i'm so tired! Today I was invited to show my art with 7 other amazing art making ladies. The show will be at Low Gallery in San Francisco, a gallery that is owned by John Trippe (head honcho behind I was asked to be a part of the show by the lovely Lisa Romero. Check out her art at or her blog on

So yeah, I'm really excited about that. I've only shown my art locally, so it's really cool to have the opportunity to get a bigger audience. And the company in which my art will be shown....well, I'm just really flattered to be included. I've been a fan of many of these girls' works for a long time. I'll have to tell Keturah and Matt to go check it out, since I obviously won't be able to be there myself. They can represent for me :) And if I can find my sweet sweet joel, he can go as well! That is, if he still uses the same email address he had before I lost my internet access. I had a dream about him the other night. I miss him.

Tomorrow (or today actually...I guess it's after midnight) I'm off work and will have the house to myself. I intend to do lots of music-making. I ordered my imic today, so hopefully it will arrive the beginning of next week. I'm looking forward to it oh-so much. And I can use it in my tentative band with the ever-charming, always super swell Sara Hebert (a shout to my peep!), and my other talked-about-soon-to-be-real project with my friends/coworkers Mallori Brandon and Tina Balint, another extra rad couple of girls who I'm fortunate to know. (of course, the idea of all three of us being off work on the same day is pretty insane, and will probably never happen....)

Ok. I'm off to sleep now. g'night.


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